Drinking water treatment

With EnWaT systems, you will receive drinking water treatment plants that are fully compliant with all legal regulations, such as German Drinking Water Ordinance, the DVGW and German Federal Environment Agency regulations. 

Our competences are

  • the renewal of pumping stations and water supply systems
  • ultrafiltration systems
  • iron and manganese filter systems
  • reverse osmosis systems for the removal of nitran and uranium

Planning:  Construction and process estimation

  • 3D construction
  • project management
  • own engineers (procedure technology/chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering)

Realisation: plant construction/assembly

  • certificated welders
  • mechanicians
  • measurement and control technicians
  • automation

Service: maintenance

  • troubleshooting and repair
  • spare parts management
  • software changes and process adaptations

The compact and powerful membrane filtration system for flow rates up to 400 m³/h.

UF1_8X membrane systems are designed and manufactured for the needs of the industrial market as well as municipal requirements.

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The compact and powerful membrane filtration system for flow rates up to 60 m³/h.

Complete solution as Plug & Play system with feed pump, on-the-spot chemical cleaning and integrity test.

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The membrane filtration system for building technology up to 10 bar, flow rates up to 24 m³/h

UF1_4P membrane system, when system pressures up to 10 bar are required

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Drinking water treatment with ultrafiltration and UV disinfection.
Double barrier for highest security in drinking water supply.

Ultrafiltration in combination with compact UV system for disinfection, certified according to ÖNORM M 5873-1:2001.

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Exchange program for optimally prepared modules or local plant service

replace:           the all-inclusive package for small systems with 1 to 8 modules

clean:               for systems with several modules, contract cleaning with cleaning technology developed by EnWaT 

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