Waste water treatment

Anaerobic treatment

Anaerobic water treatment: Energy from pollutants

  • Efficient means of generating energy
  • Extraction of CO2-neutral biogas as a cheap alternative to natural gas
  • Space-saving cleaning system that can be integrated in existing systems
  • No energy consumption for aeration (as opposed to aerobic systems)
  • Reduction in the quantity of sludge by 75 % compared with aerobic systems

Carriers for Moving Bed Bio Reactor MBBR – simple technique for energy savings

  • Improvement of the biological performance
  • No blocking due to no bars inside
  • Highly elastic and robust carrier, no stress zones
  • Design allows easy lifting with introduced air, less energy demand, savings in energy costs

The pure innovation: water treatment with ultra filtration

  • First class water quality for reuse
  • Reduction of waste water
  • Minimization of fresh water
  • Low costs for maintenance due to integrated fully automated cleaning system